WE BELIEVE Every CHILD DESERVES ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATION. knowledge is indestructible and education is transformative.

Our goal is to make sure that as many children as possible in developing countries have access to a high quality education.

Why Uganda?

  • Only 27% of school-age children in Mpigi district are enrolled in primary school

  • The student teacher ratio is a high 52:1 in rural areas

  • Drop out rate is 60-80% especially amongst girls

  • Teacher absenteeism is high because of low or non-existent government wages

  • Textbooks & teaching material is rare & inadequate

  • Families struggle to pay for tuition, uniforms & books

  • Children often stay at home & help with chores

  • Poor academic performance because of a lack of support at home

  • Most adults are subsistence farmers with little education

What School For Life Does

  • We help as many children in the community as possible go to school. Many are orphans or come from vulnerable backgrounds.

  • We monitor the attendance and retention level of each student to ensure that they attain good academic performance.

  • We maintain a student teacher ratio of max 25:1 and only employ motivated and qualified teachers.

  • We encourage strong parental participation with school reports, parent-teacher days and community days.

  • We provide an environment that is safe, happy and conducive to learning.

How We Do It

  • We’ve built 3 modern schools - 2 Primary Schools that filter graduates into 1 larger Secondary School.

  • We’ve installed solar electricity systems.

  • We’ve built onsite accommodation to attract the best teachers.

  • We facilitate training and personal development opportunities for our teachers.

  • We train our teachers to provide a tailored program for children with disabilities.

  • We fill classrooms with amazing resources, like books, colouring pencils, paints and toys.

What’s Next?

We will continue to increase our enrolments annually until we have over 1600 students. The communities we work in (Katuuso and Mbazzi) are home to >10,000 people, and 70% are subsistence farmers.

How Can You Help?

You can sponsor a child, a teacher or help provide 3 nutritious meals a day for our students and staff.

If School for Life didn’t exist, instead of starting their first day at school, our students would be heading to work – most likely working in the fields, herding animals or digging for food. It is only because of our generous supporters that together, we can change the futures of hundreds of children living in poverty.