Annabelle Chauncy OAM
(Founding Director & CEO)

Annabelle grew in up in rural New South Wales and completed a Bachelor of Arts/Law at Sydney University. Her passion lies in developing and implementing strategy, business development and speaking to promote the work of the Foundation.

Annabelle is the recipient of numerous awards, including:

  • Women of the Future Award - Australian Women’s Weekly and Qantas in 2014
  • Paul Harris Fellow awarded by Rotary International in 2014
  • The Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2015.


Jo Wacher (Fundraising Coordinator)

Jessica Mester (Fundraising Manager)

kath walker (Finance manager)


jessica ledieu (executive assistant & Office coordinator)

Angela Mwebaze (Country Director, Uganda)

Angela knows first hand the impact a quality education can have on the life of a village child in Uganda.

Angela grew up in Ibanda Village in Western Uganda where she attended a local primary school. Because her mother recognised the importance of a good education and due to the lack of quality educational services in her region, Angela left home at the age of 9 for a boarding school in Kampala. There she learned English and made friends with girls from different tribes, learning their languages and going on to attend the best high school in the country.

After starting a degree in civil engineering, Angela went on to complete her degree in Information Technology before completing a degree in Development Studies.

Angela was appointed Country Director in January 2015.


Janepher has been involved with School for Life since the Foundation purchased 10 acres of jungle in 2009 to build Katuuso Primary and Vocational School.

Janepher grew up in the community of Wakiso, when at the age of 16 she suffered the double tragedy of losing both her parents. With her siblings, she moved to Kampala to live with her grandmother. Schooling in Kampala was particularly difficult for Janepher. She was forced to attend a public school where she wouldn’t eat all day, was often beaten and worked in a classroom with no doors or windows.

Determined to change her schooling Janepher began working after school and at weekends to pay for herself and a sister to attend a private high school. Later she managed to pay her college fees at the Montessori Teacher Training Centre, where after 2 years, she started work as a teacher. 

Janepher has also worked for Gatsby, an NGO focusing on small enterprise and micro finance. She knows the value of a good education and has managed to pay for all her siblings to attend private schools.


Robert began his journey with School For Life in 2014 as Director of Studies. His exceptional leadership skills and determination for community success earned him the promotion to Head Teacher of Katuuso in 2015.

Growing up with 7 brothers in Budaka district and losing his mother whilst in Year 2, Robert learned quickly that hard work and determination were necessary for success. After the passing of his mother, the family dynamic quickly deteriorated as an unaccepting stepmother moved in.

Robert was forced to move out and live with his older brother who at the time was studying to become a teacher. His brother paid for Robert’s schooling and the two worked multiple jobs between classes to pay for meals (typically on school premises cleaning rooms or leveling land).

Now providing for his own family of 5, Robert also supports his aging father and pays for his younger brothers’ education. 

KESSIA LUM (Project Coordinator, Uganda)

Kessia first joined the School for Life team in January 2016 as a volunteer. She fell in love with the country, schools and organisation and was hired as the Project Coordinator that July. Born in Canada, she migrated to Sydney, Australia in 2008. She has since lived and traveled extensively throughout Australia, South America and Africa. 

Kessia has a Bachelor of Business Studies from Charles Sturt University, Sydney. She is passionate about the work that she is doing and enjoys the everyday adventures that come from living in Uganda. She feels fortunate to have truly found her dream job with School for Life.

winnie akol (HEAD of tailoring, UGANDA)

Winnie is the instructor and creative spark that inspires Kumi. Shortly after completing a degree in Industrial and Fine Arts at Makarere University 2013, Winnie knew she wanted to share her skills and knowledge with those who did not have the opportunity to attend school or pursue their desired trade. She joined the project at its inception in 2014 and has been imparting her knowledge, talents and unwavering patience ever since.

FLAVIA nassaazi (head cook, katuuso primary, uganda)


Board of Directors

LInDA o'Brien AM (Co-CHAir)

Principal of Granville Boys High School, Founder of the Molly McDonnell Foundation and Founder of the Bali International School

Ben Colman

Chief Marketing Officer at Exetel

William Britten
Director and Treasurer)

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Akindred

VICKI POTTS                             (NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR)  

Ms Potts joined the Board in May 2016. She is the Director & Principal of Clear CFO, providing CFO support and advice on a consultancy basis. Prior to that, she was the CFO in a number of tech and telecomm startups including Viator and Unwired.

sandy halpin                

Ms Halpin joined the Board in February 2017. She is the Founder and Director of Capital Idea Consulting Company. Capital Idea is a consulting and advisory firm that specialises in business growth and commercialisation strategies to high potential SMEs, Start-ups and their Founders.


Ms Bulut is a Barrister at 12 Wentworth Selbourne
Chambers. Previously, she worked at Seyfarth
Shaw and Clayton Utz where she specialised in
employment law.