We are only able to operate due to the generosity of our partners, sponsors and donors. We believe in the power of collaboration, and are seeking partners who want to work alongside us on projects and programs that make an immediate, measurable impact on communities in rural Uganda. We offer a range of flexible partnership options.

Download a Partnership Prospectus and read more about the benefits of a corporate partnership with School for Life.


“I was privileged to experience first-hand the incredible impact that School for Life Foundation is making on communities in rural Uganda. We were blown away by what they have achieved and compelled to invest in them to make an even greater difference! They have a proven track record in development and their hard work, persistence and the change they are making is huge. Cotton On Foundation and School for Life are both driven by global education, the provision of clean water, health care, employment and capacity development in Uganda and together, we can achieve huge change! We are delighted to partner with School for Life to build another primary as well as a secondary school in the next two years.”
— Tim Diamond, General Manager Cotton On Foundation
“Since being fortunate enough to find and work with School for Life (SFL), our entire view on philanthropic funding as well as the positive returns it can have towards our company has changed tremendously!”

Nadia Taylor, CEO