The Importance of Education

Hussein Ssemakula – Mbazzi Riverside High School Mathematics and Physics Teacher


‘The more people who are educated in a country, the higher the development in that place. The benefits of going to school are many. It reduces illiteracy, increases job opportunities, builds relationships and improves industry developments. It also helps to reduce crime. Within our schools, we teach the importance of good behaviour and respect. Everyone should be at school until at least Senior Four. The problem is, we have a big population in Uganda. There is a disproportionate amount of students and schools. We need more schools for our country to move forward’

Abigail Nam Naome – Mbazzi Riverside High School English and Literacy Teacher


‘I know that right now, in my country, education is the base of everything. It creates confidence in an individual and gives them a place in the world. Going to school was a source of pride for me. Right now, we live in a world of competition. You will find that if a person is not educated, they might fail to raise their voice. Education gives people a natural confidence to say what is right and what is wrong. If I ever do not have a job, I still have my papers, which is a base'.

Beatrice Nambi – Mbazzi Riverside High School Geography and CRE Teacher

Beatrice Nambi.JPG

‘I always explain to my son that to get a job, you need to go to school. Kids who stop school early have trouble competing for work here in Uganda. It is sad, because some of the best and brightest students cannot afford to continue their education. I saw this often when I worked in a village school. Education gives you the power to fight for your rights. It gives you the ability to socialise and interact with people from different countries. You cannot easily be elected as a leader if you have not been to school’