A new School Bus for the students

Thanks to a very generous donor, our students now have access to a twenty-eight seater school bus! Painted blue and white with the distinctive School for Life logo, it has been the source of a great deal of excitement for both our teachers and Senior One students.

Having this vehicle helps us to ensure that our Katuuso graduates can attend Mbazzi Secondary School. The distance between the two sites is thirteen kilometres; an enormous distance to cover by foot! The new school bus provides a safe alternative and ensures that our students can continue their education with School for Life. It will also be used for future field trips and excursions, as well as the transport of food stock between the two schools.


The bus departs from Katuuso Primary School at 6:45am each morning. Our students arrive at the High School in time for breakfast and are accordingly well set up to start their day. It leaves again at 5pm and you can always count on a rush to get the best seats! Lozio the driver is a favourite with our students and is meticulous in ensuring that they return home safely. According to one of our students, 'he is always so kind and looks after us very well'. 

Needless to say, the new bus is a fantastic addition to our schools. We are incredibly grateful to our donors!