Life in Uganda as a Teacher

Life in Uganda as a teacher is a bit different from life as a teacher in Australia.

This year School for Life welcomed Elisha as our new Biology and Agriculture teacher.

His passion for education and brilliant sense of humour has quickly seen him become a favourite within the Mbazzi school community. We recently asked Elisha to describe his daily routine.

Elisha's day shares many similarities with a day-in-the-life of teachers in Australia. But in other ways it is also very different. Not many teachers in Australia start their day with a walk to collect water or a breakfast of maize porridge.

Early morning: After I wake, I fetch water, tidy myself up and get dressed before joining the staff and students at School for Life for a bowl of maize porridge. The porridge is really filling and gets me through until the morning snack!

Morning classes at the school: Classes begin at 8:00am. I am an Agriculture and Biology teacher so I spend a lot of time teaching in the science labs. At the moment, my lessons are structured around the different types of farming; cultivation, crop production, mixed farming, mono cropping and plantation farming. I like to explain the importance of farming and sustainability to my students. After this topic, we will start looking at soil samples. We recently conducted an experiment in class where we looked at different pH levels and the students really enjoyed it! Experiments are always popular with the class.

Elisha biology teacher

Lunch time! We are served a variety of nutritious meals during the week. My personal favourite is Tuesday’s meal, which is beef and rice. I also like avocado. During the lunch break, I join the other teachers in the staffroom to eat, share stories and talk together.

Afternoon classes: When I’m not in the classroom, I work on lesson preparation which includes marking and planning. I also like to review what I taught in my previous lessons to ensure we are always learning new content. At 4:40pm, lessons finish for the day and our students return home. I also finish up shortly afterwards.

After school: This is our time for exercise! After school finishes, I participate in a running group which includes both primary and secondary teachers. We like to jog around the school premises. Afterwards, if it isn’t raining, we usually have a football match between the teachers and construction workers. The teachers are yet to win a game but we’ll keep trying!

Late evening: After the football match we all go home to prepare dinner. Then it’s back to the staff room to do additional marking and lesson planning. I try to be in bed by 10:00pm but once we get chatting it’s difficult to stop! All of the teachers are great friends.

Elisha new teacher science