Meet our new students!

Last week we welcomed 680 new students to our Primary and Secondary Schools in Uganda.

The first day of school is a big day for every child in the world but for children in Uganda, it is truly a life-changing day. For many students, this will be the first time they have received a brand new piece of clothing, the first time they have seen educational materials and the first time they will have three nutritious meals per day. Their futures change forever from the first moment they walk through the classroom doors.

We are so excited and proud to welcome our new students!

Meet some of our new students.

Hope (10).JPG

Meet Hope from Primary 4 at Mbazzi Primary School.

Hope lives in Mbazzi village with her mother, father, four brothers and four sisters.

“ I love having so many siblings because there is always someone to play with! My parents are farmers who grow maize and bananas. I help them by washing clothes and utensils after school. In the classroom, I love English and learning about other countries - I want to travel to Australia one day! When I grow up, I would like to be a judge because I like talking to people and sorting out problems.”  

Joshua (2).JPG

Meet Joshua in Primary 4 at Mbazzi Primary School.

Joshua lives in Mbazzi village with his uncle who is a teacher at Mbazzi Secondary School.

“ I love my classes and my teachers are very kind. In the classroom, I enjoy reading books and writing stories. I also like to ride bikes and would love to have my own one day. During the holidays I go back home to Maliba to visit my parents on the farm. I help with the digging and anything else that needs to be done! When I grow up, I would like to be an engineer because I like building things.”

Mary1 (8).JPG

Meet Mary in Secondary 1 at Mbazzi Secondary School.

Mary lives in Katuuso village with her Father, Mother, six sisters and four brothers.

“I am so excited to be starting my first year of high school. Each morning, the Katuuso students board a school bus and are driven thirty minutes to Bujuuko, where our new secondary school is. School is really interesting so far! My teachers are kind and always help me to understand in class. My favourite subject is computer studies because I like learning about new technology – we even have laptops to learn on in ICT! I also really love the grounds at Mbazzi. The school is peaceful and the views are beautiful! When I grow up, I would like to be a nurse because I like helping people.”

Christine (3).JPG

Meet Christine in Secondary 1 at Mbazzi Secondary School

Christine lives  in Katuuso village with her Mother and Father and twelve siblings.

“This is my first year at Mbazzi Riverside Secondary School. I love it so far and am happy that lots of my Katuuuso friends are here too. The teachers always help me in class and make sure that I understand what they are teaching. I also like the food we are provided with, especially the porridge for breakfast! My favourite subject is Fine Art with Teacher Ruth. When I grow up, I would like to be a nurse because I want to help treat sick people.”


All New Students (1).JPG