In just 3.5 months, 300 students have been treated for malaria

Every child in this image has had malaria this year

Every child in this image has been treated for malaria at the two School for Life health clinics this year. 

The health care system in Uganda is not free.

Sadly for many of our parents, the costs of malaria medication surpasses their monthly income.

Malaria medication can cost 150,000 shillings ($60 AUD), not including hospital bills, while the monthly wage of many parents is as low as 20,000 shillings (AU$8 AUD). 

Fortunately, School for Life Foundation has two medical clinics, and two full-time live in nurses to treat our staff and students.

This year alone, more than 300 of our students have been treated for our malaria through our in-school medical clinics. The children are tested, and our nurses administer three daily tablets to each child, all at no cost to the students or their families.

Prior to the clinics, it was all too common for our teachers to be rushing their students to the nearest medical centre when a child fell ill with malaria. The nearest medical centre is a 30 minute drive; often the child would be unconscious and with severe fevers by the time they arrived at the clinic.

Malaria, if mistreated or left untreated, can leave children permanently deaf, cause brain damage, and in many cases, results in death.

Thankfully, our generous supporters have enabled us to successfully treat all of these children across both schools this year.