Meet the teacher - Christine Alice

Christine Alice is a teacher at School for Life's Mbazzi campus, where she teaches Primary 1. 

School for Life teacher Christine Alice 

School for Life teacher Christine Alice 

Christine Alice first heard about School for Life when she was studying at Teacher's College, saying her first impression of the school was that the students were so happy. 

I felt so impressed when I first saw the school. When I came to hand in my application the children were practising for a speech day. It blew me away to see so many children, so happy.
— Christine Alice

Christine Alice is the fourth-born child from six siblings, and the only child who has received a tertiary education. Her father had another two children and tragically their mother died, leaving the family with eight mouths to feed. 

“My brothers and my parents work together selling many things: cabbages, carrots, potatoes and whatever else they can find to sell. My brother Fred buys vegetables from those who grow them and brings them home to sell. My brothers and parents support our family. It meant I could go to school.”

Her two youngest brothers are still in primary school, and Christine Alice says she will fight for them to be educated as it is the only way to break the cycle of poverty. 

“My older brothers will do anything for work,” she explained. "Because they worked I was able to receive my training as a teacher, and my full-time salary will also help my family and I will be able to repay them," she said.

Growing up in a big family is typical in Uganda.

“I was the only girl with lots of brothers who looked after me. They gave me lots of care, like the princess in the family.”

Luckily for Christine Alice, she had been able to maintain her studies without having any time off.

“I love being with young kids and I can’t wait to teach literacy. I love storytelling. Early Childhood Development and music are my areas of expertise. I just love teaching so much!”

We know Christine Alice will create many happy memories with her students throughout the year and look forward to seeing all that she achieves with School for Life.