Steve is a School for Life supporter from Sydney who trekked Mt Kilimanjaro with his wife Melissa and daughter Ruby, and joined us in Uganda for the official opening of our Secondary School. 

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What was your number one reason for signing up for our Kili Challenge?

We have been supporters of School for Life in the past, and this seemed like a unique way to raise funds and to visit School for Life in Uganda. It also provided a unique experience /challenge for the family.

What training did you do in the lead up to the challenge and how many weeks/months did you prepare? (e.g. personal training, altitude training etc)

We trained for about 3 months with long bush walks & gym work plus my regular bike riding which helped with my fitness level.

What was the highlight/s of your Kilimanjaro experience?

Being on the face of the mountain at sunrise on summit day was a standout & of course the elation of finally standing on the top of Africa after the 5-day slog. 

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What kind of fundraising activities did you do?

We raffled off a cruise on our boat as well as appealed to corporate business contacts for donations.

Had you done something like this before?

Never. The family aren’t really into camping!!

Would you recommend family and friends to do it?

Most definitely but I would only suggest it to people who have some attachment to the event & who would be suitable/able to do the climb.