Peta is a travel aficionado and School for Life champion from Sydney, who jumped at the chance to climb Mt Kilimanjaro this year and attend our Official Secondary School opening.



What was your number one reason for signing up for our Kili Challenge?                   

My biggest reason for signing up was pushing myself so far out of my comfort zone that I didn't think I could ever do.



What training did you do in the lead up to the challenge and how many weeks/months did you prepare? (e.g. personal training, altitude training etc).                                                                 

3 months out I started on the following; walking (6-10Km's) 3 times a week / Gym 5 times a week (FIIT / Cross training) / Altitude training 6 weeks out 3 times a week.


What was the highlight/s of your Kilimanjaro experience?

The overall highlight of the trip was making it to the top, knowing how far you'd come with the most amazing team mates. I also really got a kick from the porters, talking to them. The biggest stand out moment for me was the afternoon we came into Base camp, all exhausted from a full day of hiking & over the hill through the desert to see all of the porters coming back to help us with our day packs, after they'd sped ahead of us & set our tents up.. They came back to help us when they could have rested themselves.


What kind of fundraising activities did you do?

I organised raffles  and work mufti days to get all of my friends and family and colleagues involved.

Would you recommend family and friends to do it?

Absolutely - it's a once in a lifetime event.

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