The Language of Friendship

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Meet 4-year-old Tracy Aitasi, who is in her first year of nursery school.

For Tracy, her first days of school were not like the rest of the students -- she spoke only Lubara, a language spoken only in northern Uganda. Having recently migrated to the Mpigi District to join her father, Gift, one of the construction workers at School for Life, only months earlier, she had never been exposed to Luganda, the local language here.

As you can imagine, she was extremely quiet and introverted to begin with, bonding only with Jovia, a little girl in her grade. In spite of this, their friendship has blossomed. Jovia, speaking Luganda, and Tracy speaking Lubara, have somehow managed to communicate, play, count, sing, dance and converse.

Little by little, over the weeks, through their daily interactions Jovia taught Tracy how to speak Luganda. Now, only one term into the school year, not only is Tracy able to communicate in Luganda, but she is rapidly learning English as well!

She has turned from an introvert to an extrovert, is the first to offer to help all of her teachers (she loves sharpening the pencils!) and is one of the friendliest and outgoing children in pre-primary.

Tracy excelled in first term, placing SECOnd out of 38 students! Tracy’s commitment and desire to learn is so inspiring. 

Along with her immense love for her dad, her school, and her teachers, her love of learning is just one of the reasons that we are encouraged to continue to continue to ensure young girls have equal opportunity to get an education in rural Uganda.

Your tax-deductible EOFY donation will help us meet the growing need for more placements in our new school and put more girls like Tracy in a positive learning environment.