Sports Day 2019 at School for Life

This week we hosted our ever popular Sports Day carnivals at both Primary Schools.

All students participated in their house colours, Blue (Elephant), Green (Leopard), Red (Lion) and Yellow (Cheetah). Parents came in from the village to support their children, and get involved in some of the fun, including competing against the teachers in netball, relays and soccer.

The day started at 9 am, with students singing the Ugandan, Buganda and Australian national anthems. They then split into house camps where there were big dance parties and cheering in support of their fellow teammates. Our students LOVE to dance!

We were so lucky to have our Parent-Child Travel4Good teams from Australia visiting. They were given coloured house tee shirts and split into the groups to take part in the various games.

Children competed in musical chairs, filling water bottles with sponges, relays, volleyball, tug o war, netball, water bottle races on their heads, sack races, long jump and javelin. Teams were awarded points throughout the day for their efforts.

Yellow / Cheetah House took out the trophy at the end of the day, but at School for Life, we instil in the children that ‘we are all winners’ and all children received a bouncy ball from our visitors to congratulate them for their participation.

On the bus home, Bella McGeechan, Australian student from Sydney, described Sports Day as ‘one of the best days of [her] entire life’. The team were blown away by the friendships, humanity and generous support our Ugandan communities have for one another. They were humbled to meet the teachers and parents, to have the opportunity to interact more deeply with our students; laughing, dancing and cheering one another on.

All in all, the day was a huge success.