Everyday people just like you are doing extraordinary things because they believe in a cause they care about and realise that change starts with “me”.  Everyday people who ask “What can I do to make a difference?” and “How can I positively impact the world I live in?”

Some might even ask, “How can I get out of my comfort zone and do something meaningful at the same time?”

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Our School for Life champions have done many things in the past to raise funds and awareness for our programs. However, perhaps none yet quite as challenging and daunting as the group that signed up to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro in June this year.

This group of adventurers are everyday people just like you, who come from different backgrounds, walks of life, and experience. Who are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, friends and strangers, young and old. A diverse mix of people who rallied together and accepted the Kilimanjaro challenge for a common cause… Because they believe in a world where every child deserves quality education and access to basic human rights such as clean water, healthcare and a childhood.


When you gather a group of people around a common cause, it is extraordinary what can be achieved. Over the next week we will be sharing some of these stories with you - why people choose a challenge such as Kilimanjaro, how they prepared themselves for this adventure, how they achieved their fundraising targets, and ultimately, the impact this experience has left on them and on our communities in rural Uganda.

Perhaps you too might be inspired to do something a little extraordinary that you didn’t think you were capable of before and, in doing so, you also can make a difference in the life of another.