Every girl deserves a safe place to learn, so she can focus on her future

Educating a girl is a central part of eradicating global poverty, better educated women are healthier, participate more in formal labour markets, have fewer children and marry later.

School for Life believes every child deserves access to quality education. In Uganda girls are less likely to be enrolled in school, have a lower completion rate and dropout due to marriage and pregnancy. We are changing these statistics.

Girls Education in Uganda

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700,000 girls in Uganda aged 6-12 have never attended school.


Approximately half of girls aged 15-24 in Uganda are illiterate.


58% of girls drop out of school due to marriage or pregnancy.

What School for Life does?

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We provide the students with quality education including all learning materials, 3 nutritious meals a day, clean water and healthcare.

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We have a 50:50 enrolment ratio of girls and boys.

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We ensure a safe, happy and conducive environment to learning for all students.

By educating a girl…

You can break the cycle of poverty in just one generation.

  • If all girls went to school for 12 years, low and middle income countries could add $92 billion per year to their economies.

  • Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school, and they can earn up to 20% higher wages.

  • A child born to a mother who can read and write is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5.

In developing communities in Uganda, education is the most powerful tool for creating change.

Watch Christine’s Story: A beautiful encapsulation of life for a girl in rural Uganda.