Meet Ricky, our chubby faced, cheeky 3-year-old munchkin. Little Ricky is about as entrenched in the Katuuso community as anyone could possibly be!


From the day he was born, he has been a part of School for Life’s fabric.

His mother Grace, and his grandmother, both work in the tailoring room adjoining school hall; his older brother Nicholas is in pre-primary; his cousin Cissy is top of her P6 class; and a multitude of extended family members also attend the school. But this year, it was Ricky’s turn!

Whilst this is his first year of nursery school, to hear him tell it, he’s been, “going to school in the tailoring room for years.” Until this year, he’s been their “assistant”, totting around the sewing machines, distracting the ladies with his mischievous personality. He was unable to speak or understand English, but made himself understood through his big beautiful smiles and energetic demeanor.

On Ricky’s first official day of school, he was beyond excited – in his new uniform he had more energy than we knew what to do with. However, when he realized that he had to follow structure and classroom rules, he was baffled! Here he was, used to having free reign of the entire school and wander as he pleased, and now someone was telling him that he had to follow the class rules. In a fit of sudden panic, he tried to run away and escape back to the tailoring room to be with his mum and little brother. Over time, Ricky has realized that the routines he was trying to escape were actually opportunities to do things that he loves – like colouring, singing, dancing, and counting blocks! Now completely settled, Ricky loves his daily routines and is one of the best behaved in the class. He can ask for permission to use the toilet, lines up for meals and understands a host of other cues in English. He’s still our sweetheart – only now he’s not such a handful!

To be in one place long enough that children are born knowing what it’s like to have a great school, facilities, adults with jobs, and clean water and food, is a tremendous feeling.

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