Build for impact - volunteer task force in uganda

22nd to 28th September, 2019

Teachers are the backbone of our foundation. Our focus is on providing quality education and we can only do this by hiring, developing and retaining the best teachers in Uganda. As our schools are based in remote rural villages, we offer comfortable on-site accommodation to help attract the best teachers for our students.

We have already built 45 houses, but as we continue to grow and enrol more students in 2019, we have another 22 houses to build.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! Join us and be part of our Build for Impact volunteer task force, raise funds for our teacher's accommodation, and visit our schools in Uganda where you will help construct the teacher's housing and complete tasks around our schools to improve the learning environment of our students.

what will my impact be?

In rural Uganda, a typical home is made from mud, has a thatched-grass or corrugated iron roof and consists only of two rooms, often less than a couple hundred square feet. More than eight people may reside in the home, where one room is shared for sleeping on the floor, and the other room is used for living. Most roofs leak during the rainy season and many walls are broken and dilapidated.

In comparison, each of our teacher's houses is made from ecologically sustainable ISSB (interlocking stabilised soil blocks), steel and metal roofing and includes a bedroom, living area and washroom. Each teacher house costs $10,000 and 300 hours of labour to build. They are built to last and provide comfortable and safe accommodation.

We are not building for now - we are building for the future and for the generations to come.

Be part of something that will have a lasting impact!

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DATES: 22nd to 28th September, 2019


5 days building and maintenance work on site in rural Uganda

2 days in Uganda’s Capital, Kampala


6 nights in 3-star accommodation in Uganda's Capital, Kampala 

Dinner/drinks not included